Blogs Can Be Fun!

In this new age of Facebooks and Twitters, the blog has begun to drift into the likes of dinosaurs and Cher fans.  Yet not anymore my friends! I have arrived! And why is this good news? I don’t really know but I’m sure it’s important somehow.

Sure now social media has dominated the internet but that doesn’t mean that the blog has shrunken into the abyss.  NO.  Facebook and Twitter will never have the soul and character that goes into the personal blog.  Sure I will just probably talk about cats, phone problems and crap that nobody outside of suburban America cares about, but that doesn’t make blogs any less special.  What is so great about blogs?  Words.  Sweet multiple words.  On Twitter you can only have 250 of those things.  And on Facebook nobody gives a crap about a thousand word post.   But on a blog, I am my own man.  I can complain about stuff nobody else wants to hear! I am the voice for the nonexistent masses. So welcome to this blog! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Maybe…perhaps…FUTURAMA___DISTRICT_9_MASH_UP_by_Ikari_Gendo


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